Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Take the whole responsibility on your own shoulders
Know that you are the creator of your own destiny.
All the strength and success you want is within yourselves
Stand up. Be Bold. Be Strong.
Make Your Own Future!

Many times, we want to lay blame about why our life is the way it is. It is our upbringing's fault, our spouse's fault, the 'man's' fault, everything under the sun, but we find it hard to look at ourselves more closely.

We ARE the creators of our destiny. Are there going to be obstacles...hell yeah, is becoming successful in our chosen endeavours going to be easy...hell no. But does that mean that we should lay down and cry about it or does it mean we should keep moving forward. There are things from our past that affect our future, no doubt, and many times, they creep up in our unconscious and cause us to doubt ourselves, BUT we must learn to listen to the messages playing in our head and stop any negativity that starts to enter.

You can create the life you want for yourself, but you have to be willing to sacrifice and you have to take RESPONSIBILITY, no one else will for you!

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